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TOP-5 Programmers Who Hate Programming

Although programmers look geeky and smart, many programmers hate programming. Many people get into coding and end up hating it. They just stick around because it pays well, and they are unable to get a better career. Programmers hate coding because of several reasons. The intensity of programming and the demand that comes with it are some of the reasons many people grow to hate coding. Some of the top five programmers that hate programming are presented below.

Kitami Prescott

For Kitami, she began to resent coding the moment she began her graduate program. The major reason why Kitami gradually began to hate programming was her immediate environment. She highlights the stack contrast between the undergraduate environment and that of the post-graduate. For her, the undergraduate was friendly, encouraging, and conducive for learning as most people were ready to offer assistance. The atmosphere completely changed once she got into the graduate program. Now, Kitami codes because she has to, not because she likes it.

Kari McMahon

Kari is another programmer who is not enthusiastic about coding. Programming has never featured in any of his favorite activities. Kari only codes when he needs to and never codes when he does not have to. Nonetheless, Kari loves the creative process of coming up with an idea before the coding process. However, the moment the coding process begins, Kari pushes forward because it needs to be done. Kari’s disinterest in coding still has not prevented him from learning new languages.

Mika Yeap

Mika is another programmer that is not particularly interested in coding. Mika had hated coding since he began programming. His dislike for coding and his current position has shielded him from writing much code at the moment. Mika is in charge of his team and codes only when he has to. In extreme cases, such as close deadlines and absent staff, Mika has to dust his hands and code to get things done. The main reason why he hates coding is because of how robotic it makes people look.

Aaron O’Leary

Aaron began coding at a very young age. During his teenage years, he learned PHP, HTML, and many more programming tools. The drive to code was propelled by his desire to run his blog. At that tender age, Aaron was proud of being called a programmer and always looked forward to coding to push his blog forward.  However, the difficulty of the programming slowly reduced his enthusiasm for coding. In reality, the drive to run his blog was the actual reason why Aaron learned coding not because he loved coding.

Joshua Render

Joshua is a programmer that used to love coding. However, the demand for coding has completely sucked the joy out of it. Now, Joshua codes because he has to. Joshua has had to turn down several high paying programming jobs just to avoid demanding tasks. Additionally, he has had situations where clients end up asking for more when they discover how proficient he is in coding.

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