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Greatest Programmers Who Changed the World

In the last three to five decades, a few programmers have changed how the world works. These great individuals have changed the way people eat, speak, work, and interact with one another. It is challenging to talk about the most influential people in the last century without having a few famous programmers on the list. In no particular order, the greatest programmers who changed the world are discussed below

Dennis Ritchie

Dennis was a programmer who lived in America. He is considered as the developer of C programming. Also, he is credited as the co-creator of UNIX. Many refer to Dennis as the father of the C language. Ever since its creation, the C language and all its variants remain crucial in programming. This programming language is instrumental in the operations hardware, 3D visuals, and many more applications. It is safe to say that without Dennis’s work on the C language, UNIX would not have been created. Likewise, all the major computing operating systems may not have come into existence.

Larry Page

Larry Page with Sergey Brin is the brains behind the development of Google. The development of Google has created an incredible amount of accessibility to billions. In testimony to Larry’s greatness, the PageRank algorithm was named after him. Although Larry is no longer directly involved in running things at Google, he is now the CEO at Alphabet – a subsidiary of Google. Larry Page has completely emersed himself in artificial intelligence, the aging process, and the development of autonomous systems.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is arguably the most famous programmer in the world. He is a computer developer, and he co-developed Microsoft. His invention (Microsoft) is considered the world’s biggest software company. Bill’s work completely changed the way computers are used and accessed. Bill Gates’ achievements have made him a billionaire. Nonetheless, Gates still spends billions in technology, philanthropy, and several other humanitarian activities. The Melinda Gates foundation – owned by Gates and his wife – is involved in providing healthcare services to billions.

Mark Zuckerberg

When it comes to social media, no person has been as influential as Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is a billionaire and the founder of the world’s most popular social media site name Facebook. He still runs the company as the CEO. Mark has been at the center of social media development since he was 19. Although Zuckerberg is considered the founder of the social media giant, he was helped by the Winklevoss brothers, who later sued. The development of Facebook was based on PHP and C++ programming language, which was developed initially created for the university community.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a famous mathematician, creator, and developer in artificial intelligence. His work within the field set the pace for all development that followed. Additionally, Alan Turing is also considered the founder of modern computing. In honor of Turing, the Turing Price is offered to computer scientists as the highest prize an individual can gain within the field.

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