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Programmers Who Are Also Musicians

As programming became mainstream, there has always being a close relationship between musicians and coding. Many musicians have made the plunge into coding and vice versa. A few decades ago, several people alleged that IBM was actively involved in recruiting and training programmers who are also musicians. The main reason behind this thought process is that musicians, just like programmers are used to responsibilities that require orderly procedures. Additionally, just like programmers, musicians mostly work alone and can work with abstractions. So, some of the five top programmers are discussed below.

Michael Drapkin

Michael is a seasoned clarinetist and also a developer who has extensive experience within the two worlds. Over the years, Michael performed at several large symphonies across America. Likewise, he has provided programming services to many clients within New York. Before Michael became a programmer, he had obtained a degree in music from the Eastman School of Music. Equally, Michael had attended the University of Rochester, where he formally learned programming. At the moment, Michael is a staff at Drapkin Technology Corp.

Alex Jacobs

Although Alex is a computer programmer, he still finds time to work with senior citizens that are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Alex is a music facilitator, and he runs music circles that help to keep the sick elderly active. Also, he has a music certificate, which qualifies him for that role. At the moment, Alex writes and teaches code at Hack Reactor, a position he has held for over three years. He provides career direction to up and coming programmers.

Katherine Askew

Katherine graduated from Juilliard in New York, where she mastered viola. Immediately after her program, Katherine decide to make a career switch and enrolled in a computer program in New York. Within three semesters, which mainly involved night classes, Katherine was coding. During her programming course, she met several violinists and bass players. Additionally, she found that learning coding was a lot like learning music. Katherine’s ability to combine the two arts has helped her tremendously in her life. Now, she works as a developer in an imagery company.

Drew Sullivan

Drew Sullivan is an extremely gifted individual. He holds a Ph.D. in clarinet at the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music. Drew is only the second clarinetist with a Ph.D. from that institution. Drew believes that the analytic requirements of coding are well suited for music, which pushes many individuals to pursue careers in the two fields. Drew learned to code through the Tech Elevator program. Additionally, he had been significantly influenced by his fiancé, who is a Tech Elevator student, and also plays the piano.

Rick Kunis

Rick was involved with a handful of Beatles albums earlier in his life. Afterward, he worked with CBS, where he handles recording and producing. During his time at CBS, Rick became keenly interested in word processing. His interest pushed him to enroll in a course. Soon after, he started learning programming all by himself. Since then, Rick had significantly increased his capacity by learning more about programming.

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