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Pros and Cons of Being a Programmer

Programming is a skill that has transformed humans completely. It has also changed how we interact with each other. As a result, many young adults are dreaming of becoming coders. Others have made the leap to becoming programmers already. All this has occurred due to the benefits of being a programmer. However, everything good has its negative side. There are several disadvantages of being a coder. Therefore, if you are looking to become a programmer, this article will provide you with pros and cons to consider.


There are many advantages of being a programmer. Discussed below are some of the more prominent reasons to look at.

High Average Salary

In general, you are more likely to earn a lot of money if you become a skillful programmer. People in the programing industry earn an average of more than $55,000 as an income. Also, this figure increases as you go higher in the industry.

Job Satisfaction

Many coders love what they do. They look forward to solving problems and overcoming challenges the job throw at them. Hence, most programmers are satisfied with their profession.

Remote Work Opportunity

The nature of programming makes it ideal for remote work. As such, many coders like that they do not have to show up at the office every day. Instead, they can complete their jobs wherever they are in the world.

Freelance Opportunities

Like remote work, coding gives a coder the leverage to work with several clients if they choose to operate as a freelancer. Therefore, freelance programmers get to select when they work and who they work for.

Requires Less Formal Education

You do not need a degree to become a full-time programmer. All you need is the passion, time, and access to resources to learn how to code. Once you perfect your trade, you can begin to earn money without needing to pass through college.


Although there are benefits to being a coder, some disadvantages exist. Below are some cons you will want to take note of.

Requires Sitting

You will spend a large portion of your time sitting behind a desk due to the nature of the work. Sometimes you can spend hours or even days fixated on your screen while trying to adjust a code. Unfortunately, this type of life can lead to social isolation and health problems due to inactivity.

No Time for Resting

Your first few months as a coder may be hassle-free. However, once you become known and work begins to pour in, you may not have the time you need to rest. Likewise, the nature of the work encourages coders to jump from one job to another as employers are always looking to hire the best.

Repetitive Tasks

Although coding can be very lucrative, you will have to be prepared for repetitive tasks. Sometimes you will spend a lot of time creating and recreating the same or similar code. Therefore, being a programmer involves a lot of monotony, which drains you mentally and physically.

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