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Top-5 Programming Language Creators

Programming languages have taken over the world. The languages define how applications and several technologies work. Similarly, hundreds or even thousands of languages have been developed. But only a few have survived to become known around the globe. Some of the most popular languages include Python, JavaScript, C, Java, and C++. All these languages did not just appear out of the blue. Some programmers are responsible for the development of each protocol. In this article, you will learn about the top-5 programming language creators.

Guido van Rossum

Guido is the brains behind the development of Python. He is a citizen of the Netherlands. In addition, Guido developed this high-level, general-purpose language based on the readability of the code. Many experts consider Python to have a simple syntax. Since its development, Python has grown to become popular amongst different top programming schools and circles. Born in 1956, Guido has always been passionate about coding. After developing Python, Guido has been involved in several organizations. Initially, he had the final say on all major decisions about Python. He stepped down in 2018, giving way to the Python Steering Council, which determines how things are operated now.

Brendan Eich

Brendan is the developer of JavaScript. Born in 1961, he started his education in Maryland. After his graduate degree, he secured a job in Silicon Graphics, where he worked for many years. After several positions, Brendan was able to develop JavaScript together with the Mozilla scheme. Since its development, JavaScript has been extensively used for animation, scripting, capturing, and scripting. Brendan made this language to be weakly typed and dynamic. Brendan oversaw language development as the CFO and CEO of Mozilla.

Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie was born in 1941. He has received several awards, including the Turning awards, for his achievements in computer science. As an American, Dennis is a graduate of Harvard School of Engineering. He is credited for the development of the C language during his career. In addition, he was responsible for the creation of the not-so-popular B language and Unix OS. The development of the Unix OS was in collaboration with Ken Thompson. Dennis’s contribution to software development is considered one of the most impactful.

James Gosling

When you talk about Java, you have to talk about James Gosling. He is so synonymous with the programming language that he is popularly known as Dr. Java. James is a Canadian that was born in 1955. Apart from the development of Java, James was involved in the advancement of Windows systems, Unix, and several other operating systems. Since 2004, James Gosling has been a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup is a computer scientist from Denmark who was born in 1950. He is primarily responsible for the development of C++. In addition, he has received several awards for his work in this field. At the moment, Bjarne is working with Morgan Stanley. However, he also works with Columbia University as a visiting professor.

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