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TOP-5 Programmers Who Skipped College

Although several programmers are produced through the usual formal educational process, there is a large percentage of programmers that have never gone to college. Many developed interests in coding using resources from the internet. Others attended online or physical boot camps where they learned how to become developers. Unlike before, the nature of today’s technology makes it easy for an individual to obtain coding knowledge without ever stepping into a lecture theater. In most cases, hard work, dedication, and the zeal to succeed are what pushes developers to succeed. Below are five top programmers who did not go to college.

Tiffany Mikell

Tiffany is currently CEO at AerialSpaces. Tiffany did not attend any college program and also did not graduate from high school. In general, Tiffany was never interested in school as she found it uninteresting. Rather, Tiffany found interest in coding. At the age of 20, Tiffany delved into programming by learning several aspects of coding such as Drupal and .NET while serving as an intern. From that point on, she became a full-time developer, which ultimately led to her current job as a CEO.

Sun-Li Beatteay

Although Sun-Li lived closed to one of the best computer science institutions in America at the University of Washington in Seattle, he never had an interest in going to college. Before discovering coding, Sun-Li was a physical therapy technician that earn just enough to make a living. Sun-Li has always wanted to do better with his life, and coding was the answer he needed. His journey began through his conversations with patients who also were programmers. He enrolled in an online programming course, and the rest is history. At the moment, Sun-Li is a systems engineer that works with several big players in the tech industry.

Dani Owens

While in high school, Dani Owens was not keen on selecting a career path as she was not sure what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Additionally, she wanted to avoid amassing a huge amount of student debt. As a result, Dani spent a few years joggling jobs. A position within a digital company ignited her interest in coding. From then on, Dani progressed within the tech industry. Now, she is an SEO specialist and owns a company called Pigzilla.

Joe Olsen

Joe Olsen started college and discovered it was not for him. Joe evaluate the cost of college and what he had to learn and decided against continuing. With some experience with coding, Joe quickly secured a job as a web developer within a tech company. Having had significant success, Joe is at the moment a CEO at Birdsnest.

Solana Armstrong

Solana began college in Canada but had to drop out due to medical reasons. Initially, Solana was an English Literature major and wanted to change to Computer Science before her medical problems. Most of Solana’s coding knowledge is self-taught. She is currently developing apps for clients and had previously developed several apps for e-commerce and fintech companies.

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