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Famous Programmers in the Philippines

Famous programmers can be found in many corners of the world. The Philippines is one such country that has an abundance of intellects including coders. The proliferation of programming and information technology has rapidly encouraged many young Filipinos to select programming as a future. As a result, many competent programmers have emerged in the last few years.

Some of the famous programmers in the Philippines are discussed in this article.

Kevin Atienza

Kevin Atienza is one programmer who has made Filipinos proud. He is considered one of the best coders in the world. In 2015, Kevin was amongst the top 50 programmers in the world on Google Code Jam. Within a year, he quickly rose in ranks and became the second-best coder in the world. All the while, Kevin Atienza has remained the best programmer within the Philippines and Southeast Asia as a region.

Kevin Atienza has achieved several feats in life. One of Kevin’s most noticeable achievements is the co-creation of Kalibrr, which is a software engineering company. Kevin has also been involved in other crucial projects.

Isabel Sieh

Isabel Sieh is one of the most intelligent kids in the world. She is a resident of Antipolo City, and she started learning how to code since she was 10 years. Before discovering programming, Isabel has always been good at math. Her interest in the subject led her to learn to code.

Isabel began her programming journey with Code Academy – an online programming boot camp. To further improve her coding skills, Isabel’s mother employed a private tutor. Within a short time, Isabel was able to create her own company named Girls Will Code. Isabel started that company to give other girls a support group to encourage them to learn to code.

Now, Isabel goes to schools around the country to help other girls like her learn about coding. She uses a simple programming language to encourage kids to build applications.

Dale Moncayo

Dale Moncayo is a web developer from the Philippines. He works with Arcanys as an expert web developer. Dale obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT from the University of Cebu. He later obtained a master’s degree in IT from the University of San Jose-Recoletos. Dale has been involved with creating and maintaining applications of different types.

Before becoming an employee at Arcanys, Dale was a technical specialist at Alliance Software Inc. Additionally, Dale has worked at Telstra – a telecommunications company – as a technical assistant.

Aubrey Pleños

Aubrey Pleños is another web developer from the Philippines that works with Arcanys. She has been working there since 2020. Before then, Aubrey studied at the University of San Carlos and the University of the Philippines, where she obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degrees in computer science, respectively.

Before her work at Arcanys, Aubrey had also worked at Alliance Software Inc. She has also attended a boot camp called Native Camp. She also served as an intern at Desktop Support. Aubrey has two certificates. She has certificates as a Certified Advanced RPA Developer and Fundamental Information Technology Engineer (PhilNITS FE).

Tim Joseph Dumol

Tim Joseph Dumol is a data engineer with experience in programming within the Philippines. He is interested in several fields such as data engineering, web development, reliability engineering, algorithms development, and much more. With an extensive background in mathematics, Tim finds the development of machine learning tools and programs easy.

Within all his programming work, Tim is generally focused on providing programming solutions that are efficient as he keeps an eye on the security of such systems. In addition, Tim is an expert in Redis, Prometheus, automation, and other related fields. He has also participated in several competitions, which include Trend Micro Codinsanity 2014 and Google Code Jam. Also, he has participated in the Filipino National Olympiad for Informatics.

Tim has worked as a developer at the Sage Open-Source Mathematics Software for two years. After that, he worked at Kalibrr for a period of seven years. Now, Tim is a Founding Engineer and Chief of Infrastructure at Expedock since 2020.

Aierto Lucero

Aierto Lucero is a graduate of the University of San Carlos. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. After his graduation, Aierto quickly gained employment as the team-led web developer at Bluefrog Contents and Support Inc. in Cebu City. After working there for a year, Aierto switched jobs to become a software engineer at Savvysherpa Inc. within the same city. After working for a year within that organization, Aierto changed jobs again. He became a software engineer at Inspire Team, where he worked for a year and five months. During the same period, Aierto founded a company named Fleepetia. Now, Aierto is a staff member at Compare Club, where he is a Senior Software Engineer.

Over his seven years of work, Aierto has gained substantial experience. He has become a programmer that is capable of developing creative front-end and back-end programs.

Elmer Paulino

Elmer Paulino is a WordPress Developer with 10 years of working experience. He graduated from the University of Makati with a bachelor of science in computer science. Since his graduation, Elmer has worked with 5 employers. Each company he worked with helped him develop into the programmer he is today.

Elmer started working with Alouatta, where he worked for 2 years before moving on to Design Source Media. He worked for a few months in this organization after which he moved to Unumbox Ltd. Elmer kept working with small companies until he got his big break in 2017 when he was offered a job with Responsekings Phils. Now, he works as a WordPress and front-end developer at this company.

Jan Evan Dominic La Rosa

Jan Evan Dominic La Rosa is an experienced programmer that operates out of Tuguegarao, Philippines. He is proficient in full-stack app development, web programming, UI/UX design, and more. Before becoming an accomplished programmer, Jan studied computer science at the University of Saint Louis. He developed Cyberwrath Internet Marketing after graduating. Within 12 years, Jan has grown to become a leading programmer in the Philippines. Unlike most top programmers, Jan operates as a freelancer.

Jairo Malanay

Jairo Malanay is a graduate of the City College of Calamba. He studied for a bachelor of science in information. In addition, Jairo is an AWS Certified Cloud practitioner. Before attaining this status, he had worked in different capacities in various companies. Jairo’s first job was in CodeMagnus, where he worked as a web developer. The experience he gained in this institution prepared him for his next job, which was the role of software engineer at Beenest-tech. After working in multiple workspaces, Jairo is now a worker at Stratpoint Technologies in the position of senior engineer. He is responsible for back-end tasks and code integrity maintenance. Likewise, Jairo works part-time at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics as an application development consultant.

Jerick Javier

Jerick Javier graduated from Mapúa University. He studied Information Technology and majored in Microsoft.Net Technology. Immediately after finishing his studies, Jerick secured a job with BCS Technology International Pty Ltd. He worked there for 1 year as a .Net Developer. Subsequently, Jerick went on to work at 3 other companies in the same capacity before landing a job at Alloc8. At this point in his career, Jerick works as a software engineer. He is an expert in Microservices, automation, and Azure Platforms.

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