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TOP-5 Trending Programming Languages NOW

To stay relevant in today’s IT world, an individual must know how to program as this skill has become an integral pillar of society. Most activities are now conducted using a wide range of programming languages. Nonetheless, each coding language is mostly used for specific tasks. Therefore, an individual may want to select and learn a particular language for a specific activity. Yet, many of these languages may be interconnected in one way or the other.

At the moment, the top-5 trending programming languages are discussed below.


The use of Java programming language is quite common now. This programming language is used for a wide range of object-oriented development across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. The portability of this programming language is precisely the reason why Java is used across different platforms. Apart from use on devices, Java is also used for web development and big data development. It is extensively used by all the major technology companies within Silicon Valley such as Google, Twitter, and more.


Just like Java, Python is considered one of the most popular programming languages that are learned and used. This programming language is quite easy to learn, and it is quite suitable for users that are beginners. As an open-source setup, the programming language is powered by the contributions of a community of users. Because of Python’s structure, the programming language is used for the creation of web services that allow for the integration of add-ons. Additionally, the language is suitable for use for deep learning and animation development.


Swift is one of those programming languages that was developed by Apple. It was created for use on both Mac and Linux applications. Just like Python, Swift is an open-source system that is supported by a community of users. Also, Swift is compatible with Objective-C. unlike most other coding languages, Swift requires less actual coding. Yet, it is used transversely on different platforms such as IBM Bluemix and Sandbox. Likewise, Swift is popularly used for the development of iOS software applications such as Firefox, WordPress, and many other applications and games.


Kotlin was developed in 2011 by Jetbrains. This programming language was the end product of the work under Project Kotlin. The language was specifically made as a general-purpose platform so that it is compatible with the Java programming language. Kotlin users make use of this programming language to create different forms of applications for desktops, Android devices, and other web-based platforms.

Because of Kotlin’s simplicity, several Java programmers have switched to Kotlin programming. In addition, companies like Google, Pinterest, and Coursera make use of the Kotlin programming language.


C# was created by Microsoft. As an object-oriented programming language, C# was created to facilitate the development of Microsoft applications. This programming language is at the heart of the .Net framework. Nonetheless, the programming language is used not only for Windows applications but also for iOS and Android applications. Just like many other languages, C# is utilized by Bing and many other major platforms.

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