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TOP-5 Programmers in Pakistan

Like its neighbor India, Pakistan has a wealth of talent within its borders. In particular, it has several top programmers who are experts in various fields. Below are some of the best coders in Pakistan.

Sadia Bashir

Sadia Bashir is an exceptional individual among her peers. However, the road to success was not an easy process. Sadia had to tutor children and stitch clothes for a living to fund her way in school. After her secondary education, Sadia was admitted into COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology where she obtained a bachelor in computer science. She enrolled in a master’s program a year after finishing her undergraduate education.

Since completing her graduate education, Sadia has worked in a few positions. She had worked as a multimedia designer in two companies. Her big break came when she worked at Urchin Games and At the moment, Sadia is the CEO and founder of PixelArt Games Academy.

Mazhar Abbas Malik

Mazhar Abbas Malik is a senior software engineer. Before attaining this position, Mazhar was enrolled in the University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar where he graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science. Mazhar outperformed many of his colleagues by graduating with a 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.

After his education, Mazhar initially began his career at AptechMedia. He worked as a programmer for 3 months before moving on to a government position at a research institute. Mazhar’s career in programming took off when he got a job at Mentor Graphics. In this company, he worked as an embedded software engineer before assuming a senior position. Now, Mazhar works as a senior software engineer at Afiniti.

Khuram Saleem

Khuram Saleem is a professional programmer with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. He immediately began his career when he got a WordPress web developer position at Segen Tech. Khuram switched jobs to 5thCode after working at Segan Tech for nearly a year. Like most programmers, the position at 5thCode lasted a few months before Khuram transitioned to another company. Khuram now works at BitcraftX as a full-time software engineer. He is a WordPress and PHP expert. He also works as a top-rated freelancer on Upwork.

Muhammad Usama Mazhar

Muhammad Usama Mazhar is an experienced full-stack developer. He is the CEO and founder of Grids Hub. Nonetheless, Muhammad held several positions before rising to this status. After completing his undergraduate education in 2011, Muhammad began working for Zonear Oy as a front-end developer. Since then, Muhammad has worked for Idea Ventures, Moppi, and Alustatalo in various capacities.

Eric Bhatti

Eric Bhatti is the vice president of engineering at He has a wealth of knowledge in programming and administration. Also, Eric obtained most of his expertise working as a Google Developer. He began this journey a year after graduating from college. After 6 years of being a Google Developer, Eric cofounded Voxlabs and worked as its chief product officer. Before taking the position at, Eric also worked with Railtown in the position of director of technology.

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