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Who is a Programmer

Programming is one of the most essential skills in today’s world. Since its creation, it has fundamentally changed how humans live and interact with their environment. Likewise, coding accelerated the proliferation of computers to what we have now. Any type of electronic device program is powered by these skills. Behind these technologies are programmers, who are responsible for it all.

Description of a Programmer

A programmer can be described as a person that writes programs to instruct a computer on how to behave. The program or application is written using what is referred to as a programming language. In addition, there are several programming languages a programmer can use to create an application. These programs include:

  • Java;
  • C++;
  • C;
  • PHP;
  • HTML.

Each of these languages has its syntax, which defines how it is written. It is the responsibility of the programmer to utilize this language to build applications based on specific platforms. Apart from general coding, a programmer can be an expert in other programming-related fields. The coder can be a web developer, mobile developer, database specialist, or cyber security expert. Whatever aspect of the computer science field a programmer specializes in, they will still use programming to achieve their objectives. A good programmer can work in various sectors. Therefore, you can see a coder in a small firm, a large company, an IT business, and more.

Roles of a Programmer

In any organization, a programmer can perform several duties. The type of work a coder does depends on their expertise. These duties are highlighted below.

Program Creation and Testing

When programs are made, a programmer usually works at the heart of the project. They work in conjunction with software, web, and mobile developers to create lines of code for new applications. A coder working in any of these roles depends on their specialty. Likewise, a programmer may have skills to support front-end development, back-end development, or both. A programmer makes several attempts before the final product is developed. Performing such a task requires excellent problem-solving and critical thinking qualities.

Update, Correct, and Rewrite Programs

When an application requires an update, a programmer is called upon to make changes. Such changes are done to modify the performance of programs. As such, a coder mostly creates a patch, which serves as an update. The same applies when there are small errors within a program. However, some applications may have significant levels of errors. These errors may be so much that the program will require a complete rewrite. In the same fashion, a programmer is tasked with this job. Likewise, a programmer can be involved in the rewriting of a program when it is being adopted for other operating systems.

Create Cybersecurity Solutions

Many programs are prone to security threats. These attacks come from hackers and other bad actors. When this occurs, a coder proficient in security solutions must design a patch to address these issues. Due to this demand for programmers that are cybersecurity experts, many coders are opting to become security threat specialists.

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