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TOP-5 Programming Languages for the Future

There are hundreds of programming languages in existence. Although similar, each language has its unique features. A handful of programming languages have become established. On the other hand, others are beginning to pick up the pace. In this article, you will learn about the top-5 programming languages for the future.


R is a programming language mainly used for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. It has a series of inbuilt libraries. In addition, it has a functional structure that allows a user to create powerful algorithms for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Similarly, R works well with graphics and statistical computing. Therefore, several large companies involved in these fields have adopted R. The use of the R programming language will likely expand to other fields.


TypeScript is an expansive programming language. It is fairly similar to JavaScript. It was made to advance the object-oriented capabilities of JavaScript. As such, a developer can easily debug and manage R codes. Individuals that use TypeScript can completely describe components within a code. Similarly, it can be used to create an application of different sizes with minor mistakes and an exact formation. Despite this, TypeScript is fairly simple to understand. It has a large toolbox that works quickly to make an application. These advantages and more show the likelihood of TypeScript eventually competing with JavaScript in a few years.


Although TypeScript is coming up, JavaScript is still ahead. It is still widely used by users. Its use is likely going to increase in the coming years. JavaScript is multi-dimension high-level programming that programmers are enthusiastic about using. Similarly, it has several uses. In particular, it is popularly used for creating a dynamic web-based application that works on different browsers. It can be used to create apps that work directly on smartphones, controllers, servers, and other devices.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It has an expansive community that powers the programming language. This language is so dynamic that it is used by several big tech companies such as WordPress and Facebook. Initially, PHP was made for web application development due to its dynamic scripting feature. Its capabilities have increased to other uses. The success of PHP is mostly due to its architecture. Unlike many languages, a developer can easily and quickly scale up their web-based applications. The expansion of PHP had slowed down due to the rise of JavaScript. Although many people consider this language outdated, this program is generally making a comeback.


Go is popularly referred to as GoLand. Go programming language is rapidly growing. In addition, it is developed by Google. As a statistically typed language, Go has a similar syntax to the C programming language. Unlike many languages, Go works very fast. It quickly compiles due to its simple syntax. For this reason, several big companies have embraced it. Google is top of the list for the companies that use Go. Other companies that use Go include Netflix and SoundCloud.

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