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How Can I Become a TOP Programmer?

Nowadays, becoming a programmer is not as difficult as before. The availability of information and coding tools has made the task a little less daunting. However, becoming a top programmer is still a challenge.

There are thousands of people all around the world that are tirelessly competing to become the best in several aspects of programming. Therefore, becoming a top programmer is a difficult task. Nonetheless, this challenge is not insurmountable. With hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck, being a top programmer is quite attainable. Below are some of the key points to keep in mind when one aims to become a top programmer.

Keep Learning

A programmer can never know too much. To become a top programmer, an individual must be actively involved in learning about different important aspects of programming. No matter how small a learning curve is, a person must ensure they know it before carrying on. Many new coders make the mistake of assuming they know an aspect of coding and end up unable to deliver when it matters the most. Therefore, a programmer that is aspiring to be at the top must learn both the little and the big stuff.

Learn from Mistakes

To become a top coder, a programmer must learn from their past mistakes. Doing this helps a programmer to get rid of bad habits and learn productive behavior that will benefit them in the future. Likewise, a programmer should always try to make programming projects better by looking at the mistakes in each section to improve the overall task.

Be Persistent

Being an excellent programmer involves persistence. An individual must learn how to be determined as a coder. It is never a bad idea to write the code of a project a handful of times. Doing this solidifies the process of making a brilliant program. Additionally, a programmer will be able to get the best lines of code that their clients require.


Having a mentor is essential when it comes to programming. A programmer should always have a coder that they can learn one or two tricks from. In most cases, mentors guide and help a programmer that is on their way to the top.


A programmer should always try to collaborate with other programmers, especially when a big project is involved. It is always a bad idea to do a huge project alone especially if a programmer does not have the required coding skillsets to pull it off. Therefore, having a circle of friends that are also programmers is a good way of collaborating on big projects and moving one step closer to the top.

Forums and Bootcamps

A programmer that wants to make it at the top must register with programming forums that offer support and information to the coding community. Instead of wasting hours trying to find the solution to an easy problem, a programmer can get help within minutes within forums. Bootcamps are great experience centers for learning programming and relevant entrepreneurial skills that are crucial for success.

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