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TOP-10 Famous Programming Blogs

Programming is a field that has redefined the 21st century. It has given many youngsters a stable source of income. Similarly, many people have created online resources that are focused on programming.

Due to the quality of content and the number of years in existence, many blogs have become the go-to hubs for all things programming. This article is going to present the top-10 famous programming blogs.


DEV is a blog that provides readers access to information about high-quality application development strategies. It allows developers to create informative articles about what they do and know in the field of software development. Readers are given access to open-source coding, which they can use to create exceptional web pages.

Better Programming

Better Programming is a Medium-based blog and publication. The blog publishes articles every day from a wide range of contributors. As long as an article is written well and the information within relates to programming, Better Programming will publish it.

Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon is a blog that is powered by the community. The platform has thousands of contributors that create articles of different types that relate to software development. Hacker Noon is a creative blog for web developers that are not good with the financial side of programming.


Lynda is a coding blog with an excellent reputation all around the world. Apart from the articles that are available for readers on the website, Lynda has over 5,000 courses that cover different aspects of programming. Readers can easily learn web development that involves PHP WordPress, JavaScript, and much more. Blog is an outstanding website that has hundreds of informational articles and tutorials that teach readers about software development. In addition to learning about things like web development, readers are treated to potential interview questions for coding jobs.

Erik Bernhardsson

Erik Bernhardsson is a programming blog that is managed by Erik Bernhardsson. Erik is a programmer who loves to write about programming.


Reactgo is a blog that focuses mainly on JavaScript and the frameworks around it. This blog is administrated by Sai Giwtham. Sai consistently publishes blog posts, which now stand at about 1000 articles. He is also an expert in writing short tutorial articles, which are straight to the point.

My Programming Blog

My Programming Blog came into life in 2011. The blog was initially created to help people understand how to use web development and general programming tools. However, the website has evolved to become a full-blown blog that talks about anything and everything programming.

Live Code Stream

Live Code Stream is owned by Juan. The blog was created by the founder to share his experience with programming. Juan writes not only about programming, but machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many other related topics.

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh Blog is another programming blog that is popular with programmers. David writes about programming and related topics from the wealth of knowledge he has amassed from working for Mozilla.

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